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Designed for buildings with roll-formed siding, the cannonball Kwik Frame is a cost effective alternative to costly overhead door systemsVersatile for bypass, split-slider and multi-panel doors. Comes with a powder coat finish for a durable, quality appearance that will outlast paint under all weather conditions. Ideal for smaller size doors (under 144 square feet).


  • Includes a self-flashing J-channel

  • Provides easy door panel skin installation and a professional look

  • Sturdy, rust-free aluminum materials offer long-lasting functionality, finished looks, and quick assembly

  • Side rail profile conceals all exposed steel, giving the panel a smooth, clean edge that won't cut or scratch

  • An optional vinyl weather seal can easily slide into the built-in T-slot for quick, easy weather sealing

Screen Shot 2020-04-18 at 8.55.36 PM.png


  • Double Couple design aligns both sliding door panels together when the door is closed, preventing wind and rain intrusion

  • The H-rail functionality actually wraps the edge of the joining door panel, offering a stronger connection while it increases unit durability and sliding door system longevity

  • A built-in J-channel offers easy installation of the door panel skin

Screen Shot 2020-04-18 at 8.55.41 PM.png


  • Ideal for most sliding doors

  • Used with a continuous guide rail to provide optimal wind resistance for the Kwik Frame Sliding Door System

  • Strong aluminum construction provides additional support for the door panel, saving cost and assembly time associated with an unnecessary bottom horizontal grit

  • Two built-in channels within the rail allow for the use of an optional vinyl or brush seal to keep out dust, dirt, rain, and snow

  • Bottom rail design can conceal a guide rail or stay roller - preventing door sway and providing clean operation

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  • Designed for ideal horizontal suppor on sliding door frames

  • A 20-gauge galvanized steel beam sized for optimal door frame construction and support

  • Long-lasting, rust-free materials avoid the rotting and warping issues associated with 2x4 lumber

  • The hollow girt design offers more strength and less weight than comparable lumber horizontals, providing easier installation and lighter full-assembled doors  

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